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Third Year: Bubble Trouble

Written by Cathal. Posted in Games

Probably one of my best efforts to date in Games development. As the Artist on the team i strove to give the Game a unique Cartoon(cell shader) appeal. Built using the Torque2D Game framework.

As Graphics artist i worked on concept art, 3D modeling and final renders for the game. The majority of assets in the game were originally 3D images that i took a 2d render from to give the illusion of depth.

Full team: Cathal McNally, Eoinn Singleton, Robert Tulley and Martin Ferry

Full source code and executable can be found here

Flash : Basic Projectile Physics Simulation

Written by Cathal. Posted in Programming

In our Physics Module end of year Project we were tasked to creating a basic Physics simulation in any language we wanted and to simulate anything we wanted. I decided to go fo a projectile based Simulation.

This demonstrates my basic knowledge of projectile physics. This is written in flash so you can try it out for yourself above.
Executable can be found here

First Year: Germocide

Written by Cathal. Posted in Games

This was basically my first ever attempt at games development and more importantly as part of a team. Written in java and Based on the Brackeen Framework. As team leader i was my job to keep our project organised and on scedule. I was also tasked with creating graphics and occasionally debugging some of our major issues.

Full team: Cathal McNally, Seamus McGonigle and Lee Spence. Full source code and executable can be found here.

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