OpenGL : Tribute to Win95 maze Screensaver

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This was my end of year Project and my first attempt at OpenGL prgramming in the C++ Language. It is a tribute to the Original 3D screensaver found on old Win95 computers.

In this short demonstration above you will notice the video lagging. The program will not lag on a better system as i was working off an old rig at the time.

As this was my first attempt at OpenGL it lacks many optimizations and proper coding. Originally the program would move through the maze by itself as i hard coded the corners for it. This worked well until i tested it on a different system only to find that it didnt work as intended due to the new systems Gpu. I soon learned that i should have implemeted a timer function to clamp the time in the program and not to run through the maze at the computers fastest possible frames per second. A lesson well learned 🙂

I could probably implement basic AI such as was found in the original screensaver to find its way through the maze rather than just hard code it in.

The inspiration for the project came from the old maze3D screensaver for windows95 that you can download here

Full source code and executable can be found here

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