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Cathal McNally

Technical Artist

About Me

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hailing from the stony grey soils of Monaghan in Ireland, I discovered my interest in computing at a young age, spending late nights in front of my dads computer with its glaring CRT monitor playing Dungeon Keeper, Hell-Copter, Age of Empires & Test Drive 4.

Once I had saved up enough for my own computer I spent almost every waking hour delving into programs I downloaded from the library or school (the internet is not very common in Monaghan either). This included self training in Photoshop, Maya, Carrara, Softimage MODTOOL, Sketchup, The Source SDK, Visual Studio and XNA.

My interest and passion in programming, art and game design continuously grows and I am always seeking for new ways to reinvent myself to adapt to such a rapidly changing industry.


  • B.S (Hons) in Computing and Computer Games Development


Areas of Expertise

Deep understanding of the Kanzi UI Solution for automotive design and implementation. Ability to bring a design from concept to final working product, fully interactive and animated, through multiple iterations taking feedback from designers into account and quickly implementing any requests.

  • Kanzi Studio

  • GLSL Shader Authoring

  • 3D Model & Material Creation

  • Photoshop for Real-time assets

  • Highly optimized process

Current Occupation

I currently work as a Senior Technical Artist for Rightware Oy, the leading provider of automotive HMI software and connectivity solutions.



Hobby Projects

Sourcemodding is a passion project of mine where I am attempting to archive and index all the tools and tutorials related to Valve’s Games.