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renamenator reNamenator is a tool for replacing characters in the names of files or folders that are dropped onto the program.

Many files that are downloaded from the net have names where spaces are substituted with dots, dashes or underscores. This tool replaces all instances of these in any file or folder dropped on the program.

Typically named problem files include:

Replace these characters with spaces, empty space or whatever character you like.

The Archiver

Written by Cathal. Posted in Tools

logo Version 1.2 Released!

The Archiver is a tool that lets you save a webpage to the top 3 popular Archival services available today.
It also lets you check if the page has already been archived.

Simply right click on a page and use the context menu to archive a page, image or link url or check if the page, image or link url has been previously saved.

Save all the Internets!

Download the Chrome Extension 1.2 here!
Download the Firefox Extension 1.2 here @ or alternative!

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