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Modern KaiOS ThreeJS Typescript Webpack Babel Template

Getting Modern ThreeJS working on KaiOS 2.5.1 (Nokia 8110 4G)


You can find the project on Github here

With JS enabled in your browser and a webgl capable device you should see a janky Icosahedron animating to the right.

That is the generated bundle from the project.


I have a Nokia 8110 4G (banana phone) running KaiOS 2.5.1 which uses Firefox 48.0a2 unfortunately it seems there are no further updates for this model.

This version is limited to using Webgl 1 but is quite capable of rendering 3D content & games.

The last version of ThreeJS I could get working was 0.116 without transpiling.

With babel I can now use the latest ThreeJS library and all the fancy additions and features of modern Javascript.


  • ThreeJS (for 3D graphics)
  • Typescript (can be ripped out for those who like writing pure js)
  • ESLint (code checking)
  • Prettier (code formatting)
  • Babel (transpiling)
  • Webpack (bundling)


Knowledge of the following:

  • How to connect and upload a packaged app to a KaiOS device. See here
  • How to use npm/yarn to install dependencies
    npm ci
  • How to run the scripts from package.json
    npm run <script-name> 

Running Dev

The project uses webpack-dev-server which will watch for changes to your files and update the browser accordingly. You will have to wait for webpack to finish building before it will be accessible at localhost:8080

run dev with:

npm run start:dev

dev will run from <project_root>/dev/

Building Dist

Build with:

npm run build:all

This will build to the <project_root>/dist/

It is this directory that you will attempt to load onto a kaios device as it should have copied over a basic manifest.webapp


I tend to use an older browser based around kaiOS 2.5.1 which is 48-50 (according to the kaios dev blog v59 is the last compatible version.)

You can find the older versions here or dev editions here

You can find adb helper binaries here and sources here for WebIDE. You will need a dev edition of firefox and set the following in firefox’s about:config

  • xpinstall.signatures.required should be set to false
  • extensions.legacy.enabled should be set to true

Web server: I use Servez because it is a no fuss gui to launch a basic server. I point it to the dist/ directory post build and run the older browser on the localhost:8080 url

References & Inspiration