Dino – Baby T-Rex

Written by Cathal. Posted in 3D Art

Flat & Wireframe:

Final Realtime render:

Another attempt at low poly modeling for Mobile Platforms with a Triangle Budget of 4000. Using Softimage & Blender I created a High resolution mesh using Sub-D and Sculpting to create a mesh of 4 million triangles. Using the original low resolution of the Sub-D mesh i tweaked it slightly to encompass the high resolution mesh and created UV’s for it.

Using XNormal I projected the High resolution details from the High Poly mesh onto the Low Poly cage. I fixed the errors caused by sub component mis-positioning and rebaked the details.

Then using dDo I plugged in the generated normal map, color Id’s and the low poly mesh. Then using dDo i created the base colors and ambient occlusion based on the normals. Renders were then created using Marmoset Skyshop which is part of dDo.

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