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Ferguson TE20 Revamped

I decided that my previous attempts at designing the Ferguson TE20 did not do the legend justice, Now with the introduction of highly time efficient tools for texturing with Physically Based Materials the development process has become easier and much more rewarding, not to mention very close to the real world object. The Ferguson TE20 comes with the Fingerbar grass cutting appliance.

The Tractor was modeled in Softimage, Maps were then created using Xnormal, At this point i brought the model and Maps into Quixel suite where it was textured and tweaked using dDo and nDo. It is rendered using 3Do the PBR viewer included in the suite. All maps are either 8k or 4K. 16k was attempted but the memory requirments was much greater than the 16GB my system has available. Ultimately since i had never used Quixel prior to this it was a medium learning curve when coming from traditional texturing media, that said the system works well and the results are simply stunning for the time spent [48Hours]

3D Preview

(May not work on all browsers, WebGL is required)